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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  June 10, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we checked with a local hospital and heard she is in critical this evening. meanwhile the investigation is continuing. please and the fbi are saying little about the case. >> early on there was little cooperation from the victim and the witnesses in this case. that explains why the investigation has been a little bit longer than it should have been. >> reporter: now we tried to afternoon to reach the people on the property after the home. they told us to get out and that this was private property. they had no comment. brian keebler abc2 news. >> thank you. it has caused controversy for just as long. it started in wisconsin and is secretive. that has experts who study collets concerned. roosevelt leftwich is joining us now with that story. >> reporter: the group goes back to the 1960's.
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the name has changed and so has the name of the leader but he's still the same guy. roy founded the group in the mid 19 60's when he had another name. they have a large compound in a small town in wisconsin and a house in baltimore. >> i really didn't know what the heck i was supposed to believe in when i was in there. it is all confusing. the main thing was we were supposed to live a clean lifestyle. never sin. if we sinned we were going to be damned to hell unless we begged for forgiveness. >> reporter: the group says
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what is said about this is all lies. on their website which has not been updated in a year they talk about a conspiracy by city officials that they are accused of discrimination and running a cult in the town. >> you get locked in. they have ways of controlling their member and controlling the way they live and interact. the way they have access to outside communication. more cult members typically become isolated. >> reporter: he works with people who have been members of cults or their families. he says reports from this group and how they operated they fit a pattern of control that's disturbing. >> it seems they have a secretive leader. he certainly has been engaging in whatever activities that
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they have been engaging in in a secretive and worrisome way. >> reporter: this time we want to remind everyone the group has not been charged with a crime. it remains under investigation. it has been under investigation at different times by police in wisconsin and the fbi. roosevelt leftwich abc2 news. >> thank you. since this story broke abc2 news has been your leading source, log on to for the latest on the raid and more of the religious organization's history.
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a submersible drilling rig is expected to capture the burn 420,000 gallons of oil a day. here in maryland we are keeping a close eye on the spill through the ocean city currents. for now it seems the world disaster is good for tourism in ocean city. agent with shoreline properties says she's talking to people who usually go south and want to come here instead. up and down the east coast bookings are up 20% from last year. some teenagers when they graduate from high school come here. >> i can do whatever i want.
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no one can tell me what do. >> you cannot do whatever you want. ocean city police have a say in the matter. >> when it comes to a minor who has been drinking we do not take that lightly. >> reporter: according to ocean city police in may of 2009 they handed out 45 citations for alcohol possession by a minor. in july 142. in august 56. let's get back to june. 857 citations were issued. >> what happens in the first three week of june is graduating seniors from the east coast and the country are coming into ocean city as a graduation present to theirselves. >> reporter: most teenagers behave themselve . others have a problem. >> they are getting evicted left and right. >> it is decisions they would
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not normally have been making had they not used alcohol. >> reporter: for the last 21 years ocean city provided a nonalcoholic alternative called play it safe. not everyone wants to drink alcohol. >> that's not what i want to do. i kind of want to enjoy the activities. it is all free. they have free wind surfing. >> reporter: even mass green super heroes sign up to stay under control. >> we are here to have fun with family. >> reporter: there is a lot of things for the seniors to do when they come down here. police tell me they want you tom down and be safe to make it home and come back for many years in a row. in ocean city i'm don harrison for abc2 news. >> if you want nor information about play it safe head to click on as seen on abc2 news. the next time you visit ocean city don't expect to see reptiles on the board walk. ocean city town council has
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banned them. they amenned local laws to keep pets off the public streets, beach, allies and sidewalks. the change came after a man who walks around on the board walk asking people if they'd like to pet his iguana. lets show you the weather net stations. edge water 84 degrees. we'll settle in the 70s degree mark. cooler as we head out towards the mountains. chesapeake beach you can see nice, clear skies. clouds out there. also another shot of laurel. more blue skies than clouds. there are the high temperatures across the area to the north and west. 80s and 90s in d.c. radar shot
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showing scattered showers in the north. we have heat over the southwestern section of the nation. nashville, jackson and montgomery. you have the heat and the humidity coming in our direction. thank you. baltimore city leaders pushed for a bill to change the fire and police pension system. it is a fix for the budget city crisis. city council today voted in favor meaning the full council could vote on the measure as soon as monday. the city's public safety unions filed a federal lawsuit against the city and board in an attempt stop the changes. although the foreclosure crisis appears to be leveling off across the country it is not said here in maryland. according to reality track the filings jumped 65% in may compared to the same month last year. political heavy weights are in maryland tonight to raise
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money for the republican party and bob urlich, former presidential candidate mitt romney who could run again for president in 2012 is scheduled to join maryland republicans at the annual red, white and blue dinner tonight. michael steel is expected to attend. eastern shore business man has released an advertisement about his plans to run in the republican primary for congress. rob fisher says he looks forward to going against andy harris who won the republican nomination in the last election. he ended up losses in a close rate to the democratic representative. well, we brought you the story of the animal shelter in falls reeling from a break in when someone set the animals loose and tonight you responded. in our story wednesday humane society appealed to the viewers for donations to install an alarm system to prevent anyone
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from breaking in again. workers spent most of the saturday night rounding up 60s dogs and cats after 55-year-old allegedly broke in the facility and set them free. now a company called vision home security has stepped up and is installing $10,000 alarm system as we speak. donation includes hardware, motion sensors and the monthly monitoring fee. packing up all your medical necessities can sometimes raise questions at the airport. abc2 news is working to make sure and your medicines check out with the tsa. getting around a lot easier for two baltimore area families. [house] wow! i feel like a new house thanks to this quick home energy check-up from bge. feels like i'm at a day spa. [ announcer] learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at [sigh] ah... the efficient life is the good life.
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in toe's health minute we'll learn what you need to pack for your next vacation. >> reporter: lost luggage has been an issue before for linda wall los . now she never check her backpack. >> if there is an emergency or the plane is help over i have to have this with me. >> reporter: she packs everything she needs to manage her medical conditions in her carry-on luggage. experts say packing a travel health kit can be key to staying well on the go. >> if it is a headache acetaminophens work for many people. if you have a minor injury say
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you are at the beach and you have inflammation you want ibuprofen. if you are going into sunny climate prevent first aid issues so use a sun block. >> reporter: finally cdc advices travelers to carry a note from your doctor carrying injectable or controlled substances. other helpful items. antacid, laxatives, hand sanitizer, antibiotics creams, bandages and treatments. in consumer news tonight check your washing machine before you start up the next load. ge voluntarily recalling the front load washing machines because of a fire hazard. a wire can break in the machine while it is running which can lead to a fire. ge says there have been seven incidents so far. so far no one was hurt. washing machines were made
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between december of 2006 and february of this year well the committee on catholic schools is working to come up with a strategic plan to help local catholic schools. they have 56 recommendations aimed and strengthening and improving schools in the catholic school system. recommendations include the creation of a archdiocese catholic school board and expanded tuition help for students. the arch bishop says this is a new era in catholic school education. >> these school may not be your parents catholic schools but they will be here to serve your children and grandchildren. >> the arch bishop is asking the committee to have final recommendations ready by november 1st. two baltimore area woman's lives have been totally transformed. they received well-deserved gifts today. >> thank you for giving my mom my this car. >> thanks to vehicles for change and walmart the families have cars to got around.
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like most of us these are busy women with work, school and their families and they needed a little extra help trying to make ends meet. having no car was a major obstacle. they had to begin their day hours earlier because they did not have a car. >> they are able to take their kids to afterschool recreation activetivities that the children don't get to pars the pat -- participate in. >> it is a weight lift off our shoulders. >> they were donated to the woman today. president for vehicles for change says the organization is always looking for more car donations. it is going to be warm. this weekend it is humid and not so nice. >> august in june.
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>> exactly. let's get to the numbers. it is warm in many location. cooler along north bay. 82 degrees. eastern shore you have temperatures that are 80 degrees. it is mile inland. we have temperatures in the 80s for many locations. you can see a lot of clouds but a lot of blue skies but a few fair weather clouds across many locations. 6:00 hour looking at the harbor we are at 87 degrees. it is very mild. humidity is 35%. still very dry heat out there. it is not until the weekend where we'll get into humidity across the region. tonight 88 degrees at bwi marshall. normally it is 82. record was 97 in 1964. temperatures still mild into the upper 60s for many locations. you can see over the eastern shore mild to salisbury. along the ocean front you are starting to kick into a north
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easterly wind. tomorrow that will be the wind factor. north early winds ocean water temperatures in the 60s. that will allow for the temperatures tomorrow to be cool into the 80s. radar shot looking clear. you can see showers and thunderstorms up to the north and down to the south. isolated storms just to the south over into the carolinas. everything is kind of splitting as it makes its way into baltimore. high pressure for the rest of the overnight. any clouds out there be dissipate. you can see the storm system up to the northern plains. that will not affect us. that will wait until the weekend. saturday going into sunday. temperature from d.c. into the mountains into the tennessee valley 89 in memphis. the heat is in dallas. this is the heat that will expand towards our area into the weekend. tonight we'll talk you zone by zone and start you in the city. 66 degrees. mild in and around the city.
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we are headed up to the mountains. it is cooler in the 50s. parkton 57 degrees. as we head into the bay communities we'll have temperatures around 60 to 63 degrees. bay forecast still small craft advisory until 8:00 this evening with a chop due to the north easterly wind. 83 tomorrow. cooler with a few clouds. humidity starts to increase. we are at 66 degrees. seven-day forecast shows the humidity going into saturday. it will also increase the potential of a shower or thunderstorm. 60% shot of a heavy thunderstorm for sunday. 90 degrees continued hot and humid heading into next week with temperatures in the 80s. >> thank you. all you frank zappa fans waiting for the bronze bust don't have to wait much longer. fans in lithuania shipped the sculpture today to stand in
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baltimore. it has been purged on a 13-foot stainless steel column since 1996. it was one of the lithuania's popular tourist attractions. who doesn't want to enjoy food and fun and culture. st. nicolas church is hosting the greek folk festival this weekend. it featured greek music, dances, foods, arts and crafts. tonight at 8:00 the american idol finalist and star of the broadway hit rock of ages will perform. we are back with a look at your closing numbers. let's take a look at the harbor shot right now.
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finally something to lab about today. stronger euro helped boost wall street today. dow jones gained. nasdaq up almost 60. s&p 500 up. new at 11:00 home of a cult-like group raided in pikesville. tonight we'll talk with former members who'll give a rare glimpse of inside the
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organization. ipad users left vulnerable to hackers. what at&t is doing to fix the glitch in security. nice evening. we'll continue with the nice temperatures. they are in the 70s. then we'll show you the seven- day forecast. 77 degrees. nice and clear out there. >> wonderful. >> fabulous. >> here's the seven-day forecast. humid. humidity building friday night into saturday. 20% chance of a shower or thunderstorm. sunday is a dicey situation. 90 degrees. carry the umbrella. late day thunderstorms a good bet. we are back after the nba finals. have a great night.
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